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With the ability to share your uploads on other social media platforms, you can instantly gain a large audience. Share your Info with thousands of users and give them the ability to interact with you through their platform of choice. The possibilities are completely up to you, whether you aim to use your uploads for marketing yourself or your business, or just sharing something you feel passionate about with the world, you can share with as many or as few as you want.

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Welcome to a new world of doing business

Swopinfo is the home of all your Marketing and Advertising material. Get your clients to follow your business profile and they will receive a notification upon every new upload (Advertising, Specials, Business Information ) etc. Do you need to present to a client? Do it directly from your business profile. The built in viewer allows presentation format in full screen. The uses of your business profile are endless. Contact sales@swopinfo.com to register your business profile.

Access and upload information from any device

Whether on your desktop computer or your mobile device, you can search for uploads while at home or on the move. Searching for relevant information has never been easier. Why risk losing your hard work by having all that information stored on your device or carried on a flash drive? Uploading to our site is completely free, giving you that peace of mind. Make your presentation from any device at any time.

Use across any device
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Link multiple users together under a company group and advertise yourself to a global audience of potential clients. Upload presentations of your company portfolio and show what your business has to offer.