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Market and Trade from a single Platform

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About SwopInfo

SwopInfo is the ultimate file uploading and sharing platform. Whether for Business or Personal use, sharing with your Collegues and Friends has never been easier. SwopInfo has made the process entirely seamless and user friendly. SwopInfo gives the user the ability to choose whether an upload should remain private or made publicly available. Businesses use SwopInfo as an incredibly powerful Marketing and Advertising tool. Individuals use it as a fun and easy way to store and share Anything they like.

Why you cannot live without SwopInfo

No Downloading

No need to download anything as we have a built in viewer.

Unlimited Storage

Upload files of up to 1GB per file or upload multiple files at the same time.

Create Groups

Create your own groups or join groups you find interesting. Groups can also be made password protected.


Track your Views, Shares and Downloads in Real Time.


Market and Trade from 1 platform.


Use your Bookmarking tab to save any links from any platform to your Swopinfo profile. Save it for when you need it.

Unload Data

Empty your phone or desktop by unloading those Pictures, Documents, Files using the Multiple File Upload Feature.

Social Media Sharing

You can market and trade from one platform. Upload, Share and Sell. You could sell anything you like. - Subscription Options

Connecting the world of business and people from every corner of the globe.

Meet theTeam

Gavin Simoen

Co-Founder & CEO

Gavin Simoen has been an Entrepreneur and a Professional Business Consultant for 18 years, Consulting for large corporations throughout South Africa. Gavin continues to provide incredible input into the product offering.

Dr. Fred Tyler

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Fred Tyler is a qualified Specialist Surgeon Urologist in South Africa. He has spent the past 25 years as both a Medical Doctor and Entrepreneur. Dr. Tyler is always bringing amazing ideas to the team as well as the academia sector.

Deborah Theron


Deborah Theron has been in the retail space for 22 years, most of that at top executive level. Deborah is efficient in the total operations of Swopinfo. She will continue to provide the Swopinfo team with the balance that is needs.

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